The about us page is an easy one for this site because we are all about hot men. Our favorites are Australian men also known as Aussie Bum. We will do our very best to supply you with the latest model information, parties, spandex sex and swimwear styles and so much more.

Aussie Bum
Sheer Aussie Bum

The boys and myself are huge fans of the beach lifestyle Australian men lead. All of us here at the Aussie Bum lovers website enjoy and try to emulate that lifestyle. We do not get as much sun as they do but located here in Santa Barbara we do have a lot of great beach days and we wear the same hot swimwear they wear. Tiny bikinis, little thongs and sexy G-strings. We even wear those hot little Australian short shorts they have made famous. Tight little ass exposing shorts are not as hot on us as they are on all those young Australian men but we have just as much fun wearing them.

Great Australian Ass

The funny thing is most of the hot swimwear designs you see on Aussie Bums are made in the USA and shipped there.