What is Aussie Bum?

Aussie Bum is a popular men’s swimming apparel line. The name likely originates from the images evoked by the term “Aussie bum.” You may think of a sexy, muscular Australian man with a tight ass. The line is intended to not only suit a man’s personal comfort, specifically around his manhood, but also provides an attractive appearance for the wearer. It is based in Australia and is gathering more and more online attention. They offer a broad selection of underwear, swimwear, surfing wear, and more. Every guy wants to look good and feel good, so why not investigate something new. Do not settle for uncomfortable department store underwear *or the average pair of swim trunks. Shoot for something bold! Websites like Aussie Bum can offer a wider selection than anything you can find locally, so go online and explore some new territory. You may just find your next brave style endeavor.

The Aussie Bum Really is Important

There is something extremely sexy about an Aussie bum and I do not really care who knows that I think this way. Sometimes, I feel like screaming it from the top of my lungs in a crowd just so that I can get others feeling the same way I do. But, currently, if a guy like me did something like that, I would probably be ridiculed online for months to come. So, I keep it hidden away the best I can from friends and family. However, I can go online and post anonymously about the way I feel towards the Aussie bum and find others that agree with me. I do love the fact that I can be myself around certain people in this world and they do not look at me like I am a fruitcake. I really think if more people took a second and really looked at these bums they would see the same things that I do. On the other hand, most people are too wrapped up in politics and daily life to pay any attention to the things that are truly important in life.

Great Australian Ass


The Aussie Bum and the best bikinis, Australian men love their sexy swimwear designs and as a group are much more outgoing than other men along with being more open about showing off their bodies. There are few Australian men that would be too shy to wear a bikini to the beach and there are many that are eager to go much smaller with thongs, Brazilian cut swimsuits and even G-strings. Over the years I have spotted Australian men at non nude beaches wearing completely sheer swimwear and even those Koala pouch only swimsuits the ones that just barely cover the cock keeping the hot Aussie Bum on full and uncluttered display. I really am amazed every time I visit there on a vacation or a business trip. I love the straight beaches and I love the gay beaches for people watching and a willingness on the part of the guys to eagerly show off skin no matter if they have perfect bodies or nothing near perfect, it’s endearing to see.  Even though my preference is male Aussie bum let me not leave out the beautiful Australian women who like their men have no problems showing off their extremely lovely asses.

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Aussie bum