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Having a Delicious Aussie Bum

Few people out there will deny the fact that an Aussie bum is the best bum in the world. I have seen plenty of them out on the beaches when I was on vacation in Australia and, regardless of whether it was a man or a woman; they had the best bums I have ever seen. There is something about a group of people that can walk around on the beach showing off their bums and looking good while doing it that makes me extremely jealous. I wish I had an Aussie bum like that so that I could wear all those skimpy swimsuits and show it off. Alas, my bum is not anywhere close to being that sexy so I have to do what I can to hide the poor thing from everyone's view. I think the rest of the world needs to know what the secret of having a bum like that is so that we can all enjoy showing our bodies off in such a manner. Maybe the Aussies will decide to share their secret one day.

Aussie Bum style swimwear

Popular Australian men’s swimwear styles

Unlike many parts of the world the Australians are very into showing off their bodies wearing bikinis, thongs and micro shorts. What is even more fun is that goes for both men and women. The Aussies love the sun and do not have the same body issues many men and women in the USA seem to deal with though it is getting much better here in the USA with men starting to follow the lead of the ladies wearing skimpier and smaller new men’s swimwear styles. The Aussiebum look is well known there. Aussiebum is a swimwear company that has been around many years making some very sexy designs. The Ausiebum look is not nearly as extreme as the leader in men’s sexy swimwear Koalaswim, which is another Australian named company but based in Los Angeles. Australia with all it’s beautiful beaches seems like it was designed for people to show off wearing sexy swimwear and there are few places in the world that the people have taken to it more than the home team.