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Having a Delicious Aussie Bum

Few people out there will deny the fact that an Aussie bum is the best bum in the world. I have seen plenty of them out on the beaches when I was on vacation in Australia and, regardless of whether it was a man or a woman; they had the best bums I have ever seen. There is something about a group of people that can walk around on the beach showing off their bums and looking good while doing it that makes me extremely jealous. I wish I had an Aussie bum like that so that I could wear all those skimpy swimsuits and show it off. Alas, my bum is not anywhere close to being that sexy so I have to do what I can to hide the poor thing from everyone's view. I think the rest of the world needs to know what the secret of having a bum like that is so that we can all enjoy showing our bodies off in such a manner. Maybe the Aussies will decide to share their secret one day.